Various Simple and Fun Mindfulness Exercises for Adults, Teens, and Children for Removing Anxiety.

simple and Mindfulness exercise for Adults, Teens, and children.

One of the most common diseases that are observed in almost every second person is Anxiety. Anxiety is the emotion that is characterized by the unpleasant state of the inner turmoil, which is most of the time accompanied by the nervous behavior. It is basically the unpleasant feelings of the dread over the anticipated events. Anxiety is not as same a of the fear. It is very much important to cure Anxiety otherwise it will result in the depression and can cause death also. So Anxiety can be cured by practicing some of the simple and Mindfulness exercise for Adults, Teens, and children. Here is the list of the few exercises that can be done to recover from the Anxiety.

Self- Compassion.

This Is one of the easiest exercises for removing the Anxiety. This has very simple steps and can be performed anywhere you want. All you have to do is to just sit in an isolated area close your eyes and put your left hand on your heart and try to concentrate on the heartbeat. Doing this for 10 minutes during the feeling of anxiety will help in removing it.

Go for a Walk Meditation.

 simple and Mindfulness exercise for Adults, Teens, and children.

If you walk a lot during the day and do it continuously then you can easily do the walking mindfulness meditation. It can be done over there where the distractions will be less and see what happens. All you have to do is just focus and try to cultivate the things that disturb you from concentrating at the beginning it will be tough but after that, you will do it easily.

Feel the nature.

The best mindfulness exercise is just going outside in nature and feels the nature and the environment. Go for a walk in a park or a green field. See the different type of trees, flowers birds, try to feel the air. This will help a lot to remove the stress from the mind

Finger Breathing

This exercise is just like that of meditation but can also be done with the open eyes. All you have to do is just Start with the thumb of any of your hand on the index finger. As when you inhale just slide the thumb toward the tip of the finger and squeeze it and when you exhale just slide the thumb back down to the index finger. With the next breath, move on to the middle finger and repeat this continuously till the pinky finger and back to the index finger.Repeat this until you don’t get relaxed.

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