When Do You Need To Visit A Pain Management Specialist?

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Nearly 10 million people in America experience chronic pain, and it makes it tough for them to have a sound sleep. Chronic pain is referred to as a recurring or persistent pain that a patient suffers due to a specific medical condition. This issue does not allow them to focus on their work. Hence, their levels of energy get severely affected. When pain becomes a regular portion of your life, you must get to a pain management specialist who can help you get rid of this situation. If you don’t visit a neurologist or pain management specialist for your condition, you might find your condition to have worsened over time. 

The credentials of Dr. Chad Domangue 

Dr. Chad Domangue is a neurologist, pain management specialist who is thoroughly trained in recognizing and administering treatment for several conditions that give rise to chronic and severe pain, and due to this, patients suffer from lessened functionality. Domangue has a double board certification in neurology and pain management. Again, he is also qualified for Clinical Neurophysiology, and all these credentials allow him to evaluate and provide his opinion in the form of a neurologist and pain specialist, too. 

Benefits of reaching out to board-certified neurologists with pain management specialty

Neurology involves the study of people’s nervous system, and it encompasses their brain and spinal cord, besides all the sensory cells and nerves. People’s nerves interact with their brains continuously, and they remain liable to carry out several bodily functions, including voluntary and involuntary, like heartbeat, speech, movement, blood pressure, and breathing. The job of a neurologist includes studying, diagnosing, and treating several conditions that affect parts of people’s nervous system, like trauma to the head or spin, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and Alzheimer’s disease. The nerves send signals of pain, and in this condition, neurologists or pain management specialists do not allow the generation of these pains.

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Every pain management doctor gets specialized training so that they can assess, find out, prevent, and treat several kinds of pain. The job of these doctors does not remain confined to diagnosing a condition only but coordinating treatment. Moreover, they can also propose incessant care for patients who suffer from pain. Pain management doctors understand the physiology of pain besides conducting specialized tests so that they can find complex pain conditions. A pain management specialist prescribes ideal therapies and medications to deal with chronic pain.

Reasons to seek out the assistance of Dr. Chad Domangue

Dr. Chad Domangue is a neurologist pain management specialist who boasts of distinct credentials that permit him to flaunt a tangible display of his commitment to providing his patients the finest possible care they need. Dr. Domangue assumes himself as a detective, and his job includes finding out what is wrong with his patients’ spines, brains, nerves, muscles, spinal cords, and nervous systems that give rise to numbness, headaches, weakness, and pain. 


The pain management specialists form a dedicated treatment plan for relieving, managing, and lessening the pain that his patients suffer from. These specialists also assist patients in returning to their regular lives without depending on medication and surgery. Additionally, they coordinate care with some health professionals so that they can cater to the needs of their patients.