Without exact dental information, it is not simple for a patient to decide a “high-quality” dentist. High-quality news: there are dependable ways to make your choice!

Visit his website

Visit the website of a dental place of work can be a worldwide impression of the professionalism of the practitioner: the site is it aesthetic, intuitive, complete? Can we find comprehensive information on dental health, practical information to go to the office; a number to call in case of crisis … part-time or expert, the website by now reflect the notice of the dentist to his patients.

Get a first make contact with by phone

The ease of amalgamation the dental place of work gives a physically powerful indication of the seriousness of the practitioner: dozens of ringtones before joining his interlocutor, no answering machine, a person who does not decline his identity on the phone, a little cordial assistant … pass your turn! The telephone reception reflects the mode of operation of the practice set up by the practitioner himself. Your interlocutor must be able to ask you the reason for your call (inspection visit or emergency), the name of the person who recommended you (to thank him for his confidence), the schedules that suit you (by making two or three proposals closed) and tell you how to get to the office.


Get an meeting rapidly and with no trouble

In area that do not undergo from a be short of of health professional, a high-quality dental place of work have to be able to give you a primary meeting for a health check within 15 days of your call and must be able to take delivery of you for an crisis in the day or the after that day. Further than the relieve, this testifies to the high-quality association of the dental hospital. The option of creation an online meeting as obtainable by the dental physical condition centers and to have a broad choice for the discussion time is also to be appreciated.

Pay attention to hygiene

The state of the cabinet gives valuable clues to the care given to hygiene, asepsis but also to aesthetics. Similarly, a dentist cannot luxury without a total skill platform. Is the firm aging or at the front position of current skill? The dental surgeon’s asset underscores his promise to his put into practice. In addition, dental practice may be the site of cross-contamination; they must make sure the security of the team and patients. For example, the dental place of work must take worry of the sterilization of instrument and resources with very

Receive complete information

Finally, knowing your oral health status is essential. To do this, the practitioner will need an anamnesis (a general medical questionnaire); to know you’re eating habits and dental hygiene, but also to perform a panoramic x-ray screening, photographs, or even casts…