The signs to look up for where to do eye check up in Singapore

The signs to look up for where to do eye check up in Singapore

An eye check or exam consists of tests conducted to check the subject’s vision and detect any eye diseases. The doctor or optician uses several instruments or shines bright lights on the subject’s eyes through multiple lenses. Each test evaluates different aspects of eye health or vision. So, if someone has some doubts, they should look for where to do eye check up in singapore.

Why take an eye exam?

The primary purpose of an eye exam is to detect and identify eye problems as soon as possible. When someone undergoes regular eye exams, they can find what problems they may have at the earliest stage. The professionals can help adapt and take treatment or corrective measures to take care of one’s eyes. In some cases, problems with the eye can hint at the condition of the person’s overall health.

When should someone go for an eye test?

Several factors determine how often a person should get their eyes tested. The ideal duration after which someone should visit an optician as per their age is mentioned below.

  1. Children below three years of age

The pediatricians usually check the kids’ eyes to see if that development is healthy. However, parents should look out for certain conditions in their kids where they can take them for a check-up. The symptoms include cross-eyes, lazy eyes, and more. Several comprehensive tests for checking eye alignment in kids should also be done at this age.

where to do eye check up in singapore

  1. School-goers and adolescents

Getting a child’s eyes checked before they start kindergarten is an ideal thing to do. Taking an eye exam after starting pre-school is also acceptable. The doctor also consults regarding the duration of consecutive tests.

  1. Adults

If one has perfect vision and no eye problems, they should get a complete check-up around 40 years. One should get their eyes checked every six months and get the power of their spectacles corrected accordingly. People over 60 years should get their eyes checked every year.

Eye checkup under special conditions

One should get their eyes checked more often in the following circumstances.

  1. If someone wears lenses or glasses
  2. Have any eye diseases or vision loss in the family history
  3. In case of Diabetes or any other diseases that may lead to loss of vision
  4. If one takes some medicines with any side effects

Whatever the case may be, one can look for where to do eye check up in singapore if they feel they need an eye test.