The different classifications of steroids

The different classifications of steroids

The steroids are almost always doing the rounds in the headlines a new. Many athletes have used t illegally and have been banned from the sporting world. The main goal of most of the steroids is to increase the muscles while for most of the athlete it is used to for fastest recovery. It does a great job in increasing the body’s endurance. You can look into the top 10 legal steroids that are the best for the muscles growth.

In the present society, the anabolic drugs are the most commonly used. However, there are many types of steroid that are available. The most basic types of classification of the steroids are given below.

Anabolic androgenic steroids

The anabolic androgenic steroids are the most widely used steroid all over the world. This is the most generalized steroids is that is commonly used by the bodybuilders. The gym trainer usually recommends this steroid if someone question them the secret to faster body mass. This steroid supplies the extra testosterone that is extremely necessary for the body capacity to increase the muscles. The anabolic stands for muscles building and the androgenic translate to masculine sex.

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Anabolic steroids

These steroids have the testosterone that has the same characteristics that are present in the male hormone. The testosterone in the steroid is synthetically generated by man to have it work the same way as a genetically produced testosterone. This testosterone is the reason that makes the muscles grows in the body. The testosterone when taken with the balanced diet and the perfect sleep can help in the physical strength of the body; however, with the required workout, the body has a bad effect because of the steroids. Hence workout is also equally important.

This drug is also used by medical science to make the body relieve pain and help in the fast recovery of the body. The reason is that this drug increases the red blood cells that facilitate the body’s recovery process. There are many types of anabolic drugs that are present while some are legal, some are illegal to use. So take the assistance of the doctor to decide the right anabolic drugs for you.

Androgenic steroids

The androgenic steroids increase the androgens production in the male testes and are produced in the adrenal gland of the women; these hormones are produced when we attain puberty. This hormone helps in the growth of the muscles in the teenage life. This steroid helps to regulate the sex organ soft h body. This is also used to increase the muscles of the body. However, it has more side effect than the anabolic steroid.


It is important to know the clarification before choosing your steroid. Different clarification has a different side effect and different advantages. So one should be aware of both before using the right on for you.