Salicylic Acid: Our 5 Minute Read On The Hero Skin Care Ingredient For Blemishes And Blocked Pores

salicylic acid

Finding the perfect skincare regime can be frustrating when searching for the right combination of products to suit your specific needs and concerns, and if you’ve been through what feels like a million trial and error reruns of different brands, ingredients, routines, and variations of skincare products, you’ve probably come across the term “salicylic acid”. Knowing exactly what goes into your skin and whether it will achieve the goals you want is the second step to finding the perfect skincare routine for you and your skin, the first is knowing exactly what issues you’re wanting to fight against. Let me tell you exactly what salicylic acid is and how it is going to help you.

What is Salicylic acid and who is it for?

Salicylic acid is a BHA (beta-hydroxy acid) that removes dead skin cells and bacteria causing acne and unwanted dark spots on the face by acting as an exfoliating agent. This decreases inflammation and the number of spots one usually develops on their face, as well as speeding up the healing process of the skin. Salicylic acid has many benefits when it comes to clearing clogged pores by penetrating deep into the skin, and reducing sebum secretion and production. It is highly recommended for those who have issues with oily skin, redness and swelling, although it can be used for all different types of skin.

The Hero Skin Care Ingredient

How to use salicylic acid:

Dermatologists recommend using the acid in moderation. When applied to the skin, salicylic acid helps to remove the outer layer of skin cells, and therefore the first use should be low concentration (1%) and can be gradually increased to the maximum of 2% as the skin builds its tolerance. It is advised to use sunscreen on the days when the acid is applied to the skin as it can cause sensitivity to UV rays, and should be applied in a definitive order of cleansing, toning, applying the acid to the areas of concern, serum, and then moisturizing. Those with sensitive skin can alternate the days of using the acid and can even reduce the usage to once a week if they see fit. Once the skin has developed liberality to the routine, you can use it as much as once a day, depending on your needs. Eventually adjusting your skin to using it up to twice a day can allow you to reap the maximum benefits. However, if you have highly sensitive skin and become prone to dryness and peeling, using it as a toner and rinsing it off after 30 minutes can also work.

What else can be used alongside salicylic acid?

Salicylic acid works well in combinations with glycolic, lactic and malic acids as it aids the exfoliation process and brightens skin to its full potential. Inevitable signs of dryness and redness that may result in using acid on your skin can also be counteracted by using soothing skincare components such as glycerin and niacinamide. Using these harmoniously with salicylic acid delivers a consistent dose of hydration to the skin providing the ultimate benefits achievable to your skin routine.

So next time you’re searching for the perfect skincare products to finally relieve yourself from your skin defects, make sure you look out for this life-changing ingredient. Whether you’re fighting against clogged pores, excess sebum production (oily skin), dead skin cells, inflammation, acne or dark spots, salicylic acid is the hero you need for any and all. This remedy is reliable and tackles the issues at their roots with its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, improving your skin to a radiant and youthful result.