Managing Your Medication with the Help of MedAdvisor

If you’re always taking medication for a chronic illness, you understand how hard it is to keep track every day. There may be times that you forget to order a refill, especially if you’re always busy. Sometimes, you forget to take your medications altogether if you don’t have a reminder set. Thankfully, one app can change all that for you, and it’s called My Medadvisor. Currently, it’s Australia’s #1 medication app, which aims to make life easier for carers and patients who always need to be reminded regarding their medicines. If you’re one of them, check out its benefits below.

It’s the Only Help You’ll Ever Need

MedAdvisor doesn’t only help manage your medications. It can bring so many things to the table, which is incredibly helpful for those who take medicines daily. For one, it will remind you when you need to order your new scripts. Here, MedAdvisor will instantly remind you when you need to order them. It will remind you before you can even forget. Furthermore, it will also remind you when to take your medications. Aside from that, it can even alert you if it’s time to see your doctor. Finally, it helps control your medication while giving your more free time to enjoy your life without the anxiety of thinking about your medicines all the time!

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Features Loved by Millions of Australians

One feature that stands out in MedAdvisor is the carer mode. It’s where carers can manage multiple medications and scripts for kids, the elderly, and other family members. You only need one MedAdvisor account to do all these things in one. You get to see all the details of the prescriptions too. For instance, you see a list of all the medications, the script details, remaining repeats, dosage, supply, and more. If you’re unfamiliar with a prescription, you can find more information about it, such as warnings and cautions, possible side effects, and how to use it. Finally, MedAdvisor lets you order the scripts any time to pick them up from the pharmacy or have them delivered at home.

Four Simple Steps to a Carefree Life with MedAdvisor

If you want to experience the best things about MedAdvisor, there are only four simple steps to take. First, download the app at Apple Store or Google Playstore. Next is to choose your pharmacy from over 4,000 Australia-wide. After that, confirm your identity and upload your prescription. Finally, choose whether you want to pick up or have your medicines delivered right to your home. Also, don’t forget to set them up on your account to better track when you need to order them again or when to take your medications so you never forget!