How Difficult Is Wisdom Teeth Extraction Procedure?

Although some people get rid of their wisdom teeth efficiently and quickly, others will have a hard time during the wisdom teeth extraction. In a small percentage of patients, an essential dental nerve will run just behind their wisdom tooth, so the dentist needs to cut the gum and keep everything clear. The extraction process will become problematic if the dental nerve runs behind the wisdom tooth. Sometimes, the dental nerve runs on different courses next to the wisdom tooth. Hence, the dental doctor has to put the periosteal elevator and use special facilities to eliminate these issues. Then, they have to put it into the incision.

According to a dentist who offers wisdom tooth extraction in Richmond Hill, since the dentists pry your gum and expose the underlying bone, it takes a bit more time and will be a complicated extraction process. Sometimes, the wisdom tooth is also attached to your bone, making the tooth removal process more difficult.

Why Is Wisdom Teeth Extraction Hard?

As we have said in the initial part of this post, wisdom teeth extraction is sometimes easy. But there are various factors and reasons to make this process more difficult. In case of the attachment between your wisdom tooth and bone, the Dentist needs to move back the gum and drill a small slot in the bone around your wisdom tooth.

They also must drill on the bone and remove it from the cheek side of the tooth. It is a safe area and does not cause any damage to any critical dental nerves. The extraction process may become problematic when removing the bone from the wisdom tooth because it mostly fills back in.

Using different instruments and materials in this process is necessary. Therefore, the dentist will put the tools in a position to leverage the tooth. Note that the drilling process is essential for both wisdom teeth and bone.

How Is the Wisdom Teeth Extraction Procedure?

Some patients need tooth sectioning surgical procedures to remove their wisdom teeth, so they must find the most professional dentist. These dental doctors will start the removal process of the impacted wisdom tooth.

Unfortunately, impacted wisdom teeth are deeper and tighter than standard or regular teeth on your gum line. So, the extraction procedure of these teeth requires various dental treatments.

One of the most critical steps of this treatment is a sectioning process. This step involves cutting the tooth into smaller sections or tiny pieces. This step makes the removal procedure more accessible and more straightforward.

The next step is making the incision in the patient’s gum tissue. The surgeon performs this process to expose the impacted wisdom tooth by using dental instruments. The surgeon must be careful in sectioning the wisdom teeth into smaller pieces.

Remove each piece separately. Professional dentists will start from the most significant sections to the less visible ones; however, there are instances when the dental surgeon may need to remove some of the surrounding bone of the wisdom tooth to extract the tooth entirely.