Herbal Anxiety Treatments for Children and Teens

On the surface, it may appear that your child isn’t listening to you, but these behaviours may be indicators of anxiousness. At the first indication of anxiety, a kid may be offered strong medicine. However, these treatments frequently have a number of dangerous side effects such as sleepiness, disorientation, dizziness, dry mouth, and nausea. There are gentler solutions, such as our non-prescription homoeopathic medicine, and taking a holistic approach to see if you may get the relief and support you need. This might involve incorporating a variety of herbs into your meals and beverages, as well as using aromatherapy. It is also better to treat treat anxiety with natural herbs. The following are some of the best herbs for relieving anxiety in children.

Adolescence can be a tumultuous period for youngsters, with hormonal changes and social pressures bringing in new and more complicated fears. When treating anxiety in older children and teenagers, use these herbs.

St. John’s Wort

St. John’s wort, long regarded as a mood enhancer, has been demonstrated to improve anxiety and attention disorders in children as young as 12 years old when mixed with passionflower and valerian root. It can also be used to treat teenage depression, which is common when other mental health disorders are present. If your kid is taking any prescription drugs, consult with his or her doctor about potential drug interactions.

treat anxiety with natural herbs


Valerian root is commonly used for sleep and has been shown to improve sleep in both children and adults. Adequate sleep is necessary for concentration and a positive attitude. Because valerian root has a sedative effect, it might help your kid relax if he or she is worried. Valerian is not suggested for infants. It is suggest treating anxiety with natural herbs which is much more important for everyone. First test it with small amount later you can change them.


Unlike St. John’s wort, which does not function well alone in children with attention disorders, passionflower has been shown in tests to reduce attention problem symptoms in children as young as 13 years old. They can help your youngster focus. Having alternative modalities can only help you more.

Passionflower lacks the stimulant effects of ADHD drugs, and because it also helps with anxiety, you don’t have to worry about it keeping your child up at night. Passionflower, like lavender, has been found to reduce anxiety in hospital patients preparing for surgery.