Gift for women as a hope for future is no more a gift

Gift for women as a hope

Pregnancy is a gift that every woman has but nowadays women are so conscious about other things in life that they give very less importance to pregnancy and babies. The lively thing is not happening now after marriage among couples. Either there is a problem in money, or there is a problem between the couples.

termination of pregnancy

Why is abortifacient common?

To terminate her baby can be a life-threatening situation for her. Apparently, there are a lot of medical procedures and medications that can stop the baby from seeing the world. Though the medical procedures are instant and not time-consuming, it is not safe. Hence use home remedies for terminating the pregnancy. It must be used before ten weeks of pregnancy, post that it is not possible to abort the baby and if done either of the lives will be dead.

Some easy home remedies for terminating pregnancy

  • Cinnamon

The most popular spice cinnamon is used for terminating apregnancy, and it is a complex spice with a myriad of ingredients. It has almost all the minerals and nutrients. Because of its complex nature, the cinnamons can cause miscarriage and infuses contraction in the uterus. It is known as spontaneous contractions. Powder the cinnamon and consume that followed by drinking water. It can also be available as a supplement and packed on right proportion.

  • Papaya

Next is papaya where everyone knows that consumption of papaya leads to termination of pregnancy. Papaya is an abortifacient, and it contains a raw enzyme called papain. It increases the production of estrogen and hinders the production of progesterone. It encourages the growth of endometrium and lowering of progesterone results in termination of pregnancy. It will make the baby impossible to grow and thus lead to miscarriage. It also produces a milky extract that has high latex content. It triggers the prostaglandins and oxytocin to contract the uterine walls. Any papaya that is consumed raw on an empty stomach will surely lead to abortion.

  • Pineapple

Pineapple has a lot of citric acid in it, and it is also known for terminating apregnancy. When papaya is eaten along with pineapple, immediately you tend to get your baby aborted. The citric acid level increases in the stomach createa hormonal imbalance that leads to termination of the pregnancy.

  • Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits such as lemon and oranges as well as grapes often have few medicinal properties that will abort the baby. It must be consumed in a large portion. You must increase the intake of such fruits as a single fruit will not do the job of abortion.

  • Exercise daily

There is acertain exercise that women should not do during pregnancy. Such exercise creates pressure on the uterus, and as a result, it gets contracted.This leads to the negative effect on the development of the fetus which ultimately leads to the abortion. However, one needs to take care while going for this option as it can lead to pain and damage to the uterus also.

  • Sesame seeds

Black sesame seeds are the best part when it comes to terminating the pregnancy. It can be taken raw for effective abortion, or it can be made as a sweet along with jaggery and consumed. Sesame seeds tend to stimulate the periods and thus when bleeding starts; your baby will be aborted.

  • Hot shower bath

Taking hot shower bath almost twice a day will heat up the body, and as a result,the pregnancy gets terminated. Chamomile tea intake will also contribute to the termination of pregnancy.