Getting Sprained Ankle Treatment Singapore

A sprained ankle happens when the ligaments present at the joining of your foot to the leg get stretched beyond their limits. When the injury is serious, this ligament might even be stretched to a point where it gets torn. Medical professionals grade a sprained ankle based on its severity and then prescribe medical treatment accordingly. This article will guide you regarding sprained ankle treatment singapore.

Division of injuries based on severity

Since it can be difficult to judge the damage completely based on the degree of pain and outer appearance, there is a high chance a doctor might advise you to get the hurt area examined with the help of an X-ray scan. The division criteria to proceed with sprained ankle treatment singapore have been listed below for reference:

  • Grade I- The pain is mild and bearable. The ligaments are stretched far but not yet to the point of tearing. A person may be able to keep their ankle stable, even walk with some pain. There may be a steady stiffness and redness around the affected area.
  • Grade II- The pain is categorized as moderate. In such a case, one or more ligaments have taken the torn. The ankle joint becomes unstable, and the movement becomes restricted. The person might experience pain as well as swelling with redness.
  • Grade III- The pain ranges from moderate to severe. One or more ligaments have been completely torn off, and the ankle becomes extremely vulnerable. The person experiences great pain and cannot move at all.

It is advised to visit a doctor as soon as possible if the Grade III symptoms are prominent.


This article only talks about the preliminary treatment that happens before the actual treatment. It is supposed to offer insight into the degree of damage and how a physician will start with the procedure. It is easy to distinguish a severe injury from a mild one. However, when in doubt, a person should stay safe and get the injuries checked. Severe problems can develop over time if you don’t treat a sprained ankle completely, subject your body to exhaustion before the ankle is completely healed, or sprain it more than once.