Get To Know About Emergency Contraception Pill

Get To Know About Emergency Contraception Pill

Couples who do not carry the idea of having a baby in the near future use condom or other pregnancy prevention techniques. The choice to become parents in the later stage may be due to different reasons for different people. Whatever the situation may be, how does a person react to realizing that they had unprotected sex? The most common response is to book an over-the-counter available emergency contraception pill. But is that the only thing to do? Read on to know more.

  • Empty the bladder
  • Calm yourself
  • Prevent pregnancy
  • Take the test

Empty the bladder: It is essential for one to understand that emptying the bladder does remove sexually transmitted diseases (STD) like HIV. However, the bacteria that could cause urinary tract infection (UTI) can leave the body through pee. Also, do not forget to clean the genitals with water to ensure that the trace of bacteria does not enter the urinary system.

Calm yourself: This step might seem silly, but trust us It is very crucial to keep yourself composed at this stage. We understand the fear of sexually transmitted infections, however, try to breathe in and breath out and then call a close friend to share your feelings. Closing yourself off will only magnify the negative emotions and may cause other physical or mental issues.

emergency contraception pill

Prevent pregnancy: This is the most important step, consume a pill that could prevent pregnancy. Get on the google search and find the nearest pharmacy and book an emergency pill. Remember that the medicine must be taken within 72 hours, else the money and drug have no value. There are a couple of pills that do not require a doctor’s prescription, go ahead and purchase it if you are confident about the consequences. Else, contact a healthcare professional to seek advice, and prescription of medicines to lower the chances of pregnancy and spread of infection if any.

Take the test: Life is unpredictable sometimes, it works in our favour sometimes it doesn’t. No matter the number of doctor consultations and pill consumption, always go for a pregnancy test and STI test to confirm the outcomes.

Sex is fun and a way to express love, however, unprotected sex can be a nightmare if you are not ready to become parents. This is why always follow the above-mentioned steps and ensure to take the emergency contraception pill to reduce the risks of pregnancy.