Facilities and cost of Spine Tumor Removal surgery in India

There are several reasons for which a spinal tumor grows. Most spinal tumors are benign even though some may be malignant as well. Metastatic tumors can create problems as they have the potential to destroy healthy cells.

Causes and symptoms of spine tumor formation

Spine tumors are formed due to uncontrolled division within the cells of spinal cord or the surrounding cells. Depending on the location of formation, these tumors are named. There are varied symptoms related to this medical condition.

  1. Difficulty in walking and losing balance frequently is one of the major symptoms for affecting normal health after having a spine tumor.
  2. The spinal cord is a part of the central nervous system, which controls certain sensations. With the formation of spine tumor, the process of sensation is disrupted and needs to be recovered.
  3. Back pain is a very common symptom, because people with no tumor formation may have back pain due to other disorders.

If you have any of these symptoms get in contact with a doctor immediately so that diagnosis needs can be done as soon as possible. Spine Tumor Removal surgery in India is growing with time and medical advancement.

Measures to be taken post surgery

There are certain measures that a patient needs to take to continue the recovery process. Since the position of the surgery is delicate and requires intense care the recovery process is slow. In case of malignancy, the surgical removal of a tumor does not create changes as the tumor may grow to destroy healthy tissues again.

  1. Patients should try walking after some days of bed rest so that they can stay balanced. It is necessary to keep the conditioned reflex in practice.
  2. Radiation dosages are given before surgery drain out energy of the body and therefore proper diet needs to be maintained. The best possible way is to get the diet prescribed by a nutritionist.
  3. Physical therapy is required along with chiropractors, who can serve as the best way to recover fast.

Cost of Surgery

Tumor on spine surgery and recovery cost in India is favorable for common people and the removal of the tumor needs to be done on time. Malignant tumors are more susceptible to growth and therefore radiation dosage and surgery are prominent. The cost of recovery and surgery of every patient in India is worth the money as the procedure offers a high success rate.


This surgery is the most favorable method for the removal of tumor because medication can never fully remove the tumor. Surgical removal also fast tracks recovery time of patient so that the tumor, malignant or benign can be obstructed from growth. Importance of removing the tumor at an earlier stage is that the spinal cord cells are very necessary for proper function of body, which is destroyed by tumor formation.