Enjoy cookies while staying healthy

We all like to enjoy the various food items that we see but unfortunately not all of them are healthy and so in order to stay fit we avoid eating some of our favorite food items but it’s not fair, we all should be able to enjoy what we like and still remain healthy. Fortunately for you, there are much more talented people with proper skills who also believe in this and have taken steps in order to prepare food that’s both tasty as well as healthy. Lactation cookies is what we are talking about, well these cookies are especially for women who are breast feeding which most of you might have gathered from the name itself.

 A good intake of these cookies would help the women to increase the supply of breast milk. Most of these lactation cookies contain galactogogues, which are known to be substances that are found in various herbs and foods that promote lactation. Now that we know what these cookies do, let’s learn about when is it time that you start consuming them. It’s safe to start taking these cookies in the following week that leads up to the birth. Not to worry as all the ingredients that are used in the making of these cookies are pregnancy safe and can be consumed by the mother.

Do Lactation Cookies Work? All The Benefits And Side Effects

How to increase your breast milk supply.

  • Make sure that you are breastfeeding every time that your baby is hungry and not providing an irregular schedule to for you and the baby to adjust to. An important thing to remember is that the mother should check as to see if she has emptied the milk from her body.
  • While breastfeeding make sure that you offer both your breasts to the baby and not just prefer one, also check if the baby is properly latching on to the breast, if not adjust accordingly.
  • For you to provide your baby with heavy quality milk and to stay healthy, the mother needs to remain healthy as well which means that she needs to follow a proper, healthy diet and eat at regular intervals of time so that she can feed the baby regularly as well. Another thing that is crucial is that, mother’s need quality sleep and I know this is hard as the baby is very small and keeps on crying but then other members of the house need to pitch in as it is very important that the mother rests well.
  • In the earlier months avoid using or giving any pacifiers or bottled milk to the infant so as to get the baby well adjusted with your body. In the later months you can pump out the milk and store it in a bottle.