Differences between Home Depot and Lab Drug Tests

The main goal of this particular article is to provide you answer on the question of whether a home drug test is as accurate as professional one conducted in laboratory. The employment drug test is something that you have to pass so that they can hire you and that is a fact.

The biggest concern lies in weed consumption since it can linger in our bodies much longer than other, heavier and illicit substances. Since it is highly unpredictable, people want to find home tests so that they can check themselves before the lab screening.

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It is vital to understand that passing a home test is not a guarantee that you will achieve the same results in a laboratory. Therefore, if your main goal is to pass a test for weed, you should know how long it lasts in your system at first.

Therefore, before you decide to reach Home Depot or other places where you can find home testing kits, you should know that employers are choosing certified labs that are conducting comprehensive analysis so that you can get the results.

At the same time, the testing processes are different, and even though both of them require urine as the biological specimen, the home testing kits are essential and cannot tell you everything you need.

Are Home Drug Tests Accurate?

Yes, they are, but not as accurate as lab tests, and that is an important fact you have to memorize beforehand. A home drug test is a basic screening tool, which is not reliable as the lab test.

It is like comparing wind detection. You can easily do it yourself by licking your finger and sticking it up in the air. That way, you can determine in which way the wind is blowing, but that is it.

However, professional sailors will not rely on this particular way of detecting winds, which means that they would instead find an expert with specific instruments so that they can be sure about other details as well.

Drug testing functions the same way because lab tests require two steps of screening before you reach the results. In drug testing, a GC/MS screening is the most reliable and one-of-a-kind standard in this particular industry.

It can detect the presence of actual substances within a particular specimen, and it is both accurate and reliable. Even though it takes a few days to complete, the technicians are performing it by using professional instruments.

At the same time, state and federal authorities and certifying bodies are regulating laboratories, which is why they have to follow specific procedures and regulations so that they can remain in the system.

They tend to get certification by Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, and every single point has to be perfect from the hygiene to the temperature inside the testing facilities.

This is entirely different approach when compared with warehouses that stack home drug kits at unregulated environment that may affect its efficiency as well as accuracy.

Medical Review Officer Is Responsible For Lab Screenings

The home kits come with strict instructions and sterile cups in which you have to pee so that you can provide a specimen for examination.

At the same time, you should follow all directions, place the strip inside the sample, and wait for a color that will determine whether you failed or passed.

However, you are not a doctor, and even if you have a degree, you are not a certified MRO that has experience in analyzing the results. The best way to understand what to expect from a medical review officer is by checking this site:

According to MRO experts, home tests are not evidential, which means that they are not valid, and they can lead to both false-positive and negative results.

Advantages of At-Home Drug Kits

The first benefit of conducting a home drug kits is that you will get the results in a matter of minutes, which is not the case with laboratories. Of course, they conduct series of tests to determine whether urine is valid as well as to reduce the possibility of false-positive results.

However, with home kits, you can know the results before anyone else. At the same time, they are simple to perform, and you have to pee in the cup and place the strip inside for a few minutes.

You will get thorough instructions within the package, so you will not be able to fail to do it. Another advantage of these is the ability to do it privately without anyone noticing what you did and who took it.

Since they are anonymous, you will be able to handle the results without thinking what others will say.

You do not have to stress about others seeing things you consumed. Finally, it is a great way to see whether your current detox regiment works and if you are closer to cleanse yourself for lab screening at work.

Disadvantages of At-Home Drug Kits

Now, it is time to state the obvious, because even though there are some advantages with home kits, the general thought is that they are unreliable and prone to false-positive results. At home, you will not be able to get a detailed and full result that may help you along the way.

For instance, most of them will only state whether you failed or passed it, while some more expensive ones, feature different colors for different drugs that you’re testing for. However, when the screening is professionally administered, you will have all the details in front of you.

The numbers will help you understand the current situation of illicit substances within your body, and some tests can also determine the patterns of abuse, which may prove beneficial to worried parents.

Home tests are simpler to cheat because you will not be under strict supervision.

Besides, even though it may seem like a benefit to you at first, it may cause plenty of trouble in general. Therefore, you have to think about more efficient way to deal with your current situation, and the best way to do it is by going to professional laboratory.