Derivatives Of Cannabis, Hemp With Their Uses And Benefits

HHC Gummies

There are different ways in which cannabis can be ingested. The most efficient is through gummies which is because it provides a consistent supply of HHC into the bloodstream at regular doses. However, it has a slow onset of action, compared to inhalation. Even at that many still prefer gummies to inhalation because of the varieties of flavors and colours it comes in. There are many derivatives and psychoactive compounds that can be gotten from cannabis plants, one of which is Hexahydrocannabinol (HHC). This is quite different from CBD and THC but they can also be made into gummies, hence HHC gummies.

In this article, you would be gaining an insight into the uses, and side effects of these type of gummies.

What are HHC gummies?

HHC gummies are candy that had been infused with HHC oils. They come in varieties of colors, shapes, and flavours.


  • To manage chronic pain
  • Used in the management of anxiety disorders, depression, and some other mental disorders.
  • It can be used to induce sleep in those suffering from insomnia
  • Its uses are employed in the health system to help alleviate the symptoms that come with cancer.

HHC Gummies

These and many more are the uses of these CBD gummies.

It is, however, contraindicated in pregnant women, those with preexisting medical conditions, and those under the age of 18 or those under the age of 25.

Questions may also arise about who and when you can use CBD gummies and what you stand to gain. The following are the benefits of CBD gummies:

  • It will help you relax and sleep well at night if you’re suffering from insomnia or lack of sleep.
  • It will increase your focus and calm you during the daytime.
  • It improves your mood; gives you a euphoric feeling.
  • It alleviates symptoms of anxiety, depression, and stress alike.
  • Can be used in controlling addiction.
  • In the management of chronic pain, especially those suffering from neuropathic pain, pain associated with cancers, and pain from surgeries.
  • In treating or managing conditions like epilepsy.

Side effects

These gummies may come with side effects like every other natural psychoactive product of plant derivative. The symptoms include:

  • Xerostomia (ie dry mouth)
  • Would cause dizziness
  • Diarrhea
  • Fluctuations in weight and appetite
  • They may also stress the digestive system
  • Fatigue

Bottom line

You should know that there is a major difference between CBD gummies, HHC gummies, and THC gummies. And this difference lies in their active ingredients.

N.B Before taking any psychoactive product, you must inform your health care professional.