Cannabis – Benefits Too Numerous to Count


Marijuana or cannabis is still a hotly contested topic. There are arguments flying around from both sides for the longest time. However 29 of the United States, including Washington DC has legalized the use of medical Marijuana. Please note it is Medical Marijuana and not the recreational drug that we are talking about here. Many people just immediately bats aside the issue and say no because the term Marijuana alone connotes really negative stigma. Many substances suffer from the same negativity that stems from people who have abused. However the many medical benefits that marijuana have been observed to exhibit, makes this substance harder to dispense with. 29 States could not be wrong now could it? However, making the substance medically legal does open up some loopholes with regards to acquiring them and other legalities. The biggest fear most people have is that making them legal would open up ways for crooks to exploit them.


      There have been a number of ways to spread awareness of this compounds amazing benefits. There is an event called the Cannabis Cup that brings together the world of “ganja” through competitions, concerts, product showcases, seminars and expositions. These are hosted in states that have legalized medical and recreational Marijuana. The cannabis Cup competition is really one of the highlights of the event. One of the winners, Exotic Genetix, is one of the best and innovative growers of cannabis. Through these activities, awareness of the compound as being beneficial is growing. To celebrate Nevada’s legalization vote, next year’s Cannabis cup will be held at Las Vegas and is expected to have huge publicity. This would be a perfect opportunity to be able to showcase this drugs many benefits.


Medical Benefits

      The most widely publicized medicinal property of marijuana is how it alleviates chronic pain and is the most used reason for requesting medical grade marijuana. Another compelling effect is that it helps improve muscle spasms, particularly multiple sclerosis. Furthermore, there is no evidence that shows marijuana smoking being harmful to the lungs – in point of fact it actually improves lung capacity. Another benefit is for people with Glaucoma. Even smoking the plant reduces eye pressure, but only in the short term. Further studies are still being done for derivatives that may have long term effects. It also figures significantly in controlling epileptic seizures. It relieves Arthritis discomfort and may help control cancer cells, at least in the lab. Marijuana is also related to promoting a healthy and leaner body. Another benefit is that it relieves tremors from Parkinson Disease sufferers. It is  also shown to decrease craving for alcohol and may help people cut back on drinking.