All you need about Physical Rehabilitation Center Hong Kong

physical rehabilitation center hong kong

After disease injuries like stroke, amputation, spinal cord injury. Nerve injury or other chronic conditions need to be diagnosed by medical management. The medical team works together to help patients elevate their ability, relieve pain and maximise work at the workplace, school, during recreation and in other aspects of life.

The physical rehabilitation center hong kong usually provide consultation, diagnostics and services and help revive the patient’s condition. 

Service provided:

  • Electrodiagnosis Examination

 Examinations such as nerve conduction studies, needle electromyography and neuromuscular junction studies are being conducted to diagnose peripheral nerve and muscle disorders, peripheral nerve entrapment and ulnar nerve, radiculopathy, plexopathy, facial nerve palsy and other forms of hereditary and acquired peripheral, Tests for disorders such as Guillain-Barré Syndrome are also conducted.

  • Stroke Rehabilitation

Recovering from a stroke is seen as a challenge that any individual has to face. Medical research shows that under the guidance of a rehabilitation centre optimises a patient’s physical and cognitive health. Improving functional independence helps enhance quality of life.

 Services such as MRI, CT scan, neurological studies, bowel function test, and physiotherapy to improve balance and muscle strength and relieve pain.Therapy to provide independent training in living skills and self-care.Speech therapy for those having difficulty swallowing, Urology service for bladder care and sexual function rehabilitation.

physical rehabilitation center hong kong

The goal of the rehabs is to restore function and enhance the daily skills required, build muscle to improve balance and improve speech and swallowing.

  • Pain Rehabilitation

Acute pain is often an early sign of injury or disease. Acute pain follows medical treatment and disease recovery. In a small portion of patients the medical investigation their pain becomes chronic and without a cure and does not respond to their treatments. Chronic pains are usually associated with low back conditions in the central and peripheral systems.

Services such as pain rehabilitation programs are conducted, and specialised care for the patients dealing with chronic pain is provided with services to help them diagnose their pains with the help of medicines and therapy, they are treated. A comprehensive revaluation

To evaluate the medical records of other institutions when necessary.

Treatment such as physical rehabilitation to improve body functions, muscle strength and flexibility.Non-addicting medicines to control insomnia, depression and pain.Therapy to improve strength and endurance through simulation of various work and leisure tasks.

The physical rehabilitation center hong kong in is a way for patients can recover faster and return to their normal lifestyle as before.