4 Silent Causes Of High Blood Pressure    

High blood pressure is the most stubborn and common health issue. Our blood pressure level gets considered higher when it reaches the maximum measure. When the potency of blood becomes forceful and higher inconsistency we call it a high blood pressure issue which affects our heart directly. Here we have two types of measurements to assess our blood pressure level. One is the systolic pressure which should be around 120. And another one is the diastolic pressure which should lay around 80. If your systolic blood pressure level goes above 130 you need to see a doctor immediately. Also, a diastolic pressure above 100 is life-threatening.

Stress & Anxiety- According to the research evidence, stress and anxiety have a direct impact on our blood pressure levels. Some people have the genetic issue of anxiety which affects their blood pressure level and make it higher. In such a condition a person’s heart needs to put more effort in order to pump the needed blood. And this is how the heart’s functionality gets affected and it starts being weak. In such cases, one needs to visit the London heart clinic immediately to get their blood pressure and heart condition checked.

High Sodium Intake- Sodium can make your blood pressure level higher and put your life at risk. But today most people consume a huge amount of sodium unconsciously through their everyday diet. Such a high intake of sodium could directly affect one’s blood pressure level and make it higher fast.

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Lack Of Exercise- Another silent cause of high blood pressure is lack of physical exercise. According to the expert doctors in the London heart clinic, lack of physical activity makes one’s blood thicker and in such cases, they often end up with the issue of high blood pressure. At least half an hour of exercise is recommended by most doctors to prevent issues like high blood pressure. Remember that high blood pressure can invite more serious troubles like stubborn heart issues.

Issue Of Obesity- Obesity is another primary cause of high blood pressure. People with overweight issues often suffer from high cholesterol and this cholesterol creates barriers in our heart while pumping the needed blood. This is how our heart puts additional pressure to keep the blood flow smooth & normal. And eventually, it leads to serious conditions like high blood pressure. So according to the top heart specialists, one should focus on keeping their weight ideal in order to prevent serious health issues like high blood pressure problems.

The above listed reasons are considered to be the silent causes of high blood pressure which is often known with other terms called hypertension. Have a regular check on your blood pressure level to keep it right & healthy. Good luck.