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Enjoy the positive traits of Andropen 275

Andropen 275 is recognized as a mixture of five ester ingredients and it has been manufactured by British Dragon Pharmaceuticals. Countless bodybuilders and athletes take this compound as it is excellent for cutting as well as bulking purposes. It produces effective results in fat loss, muscle gain etc. British Dragon is a highly reputed company and it is well-known for its testosterone-based compound. This company had got scientists who worked on several rigorous tests before they produced this compound. This medication is generally found in little glass vials and each vial contains sufficient liquid for numerous injections. This medication is also comparatively inexpensive compared to other steroid cocktails.

Constituents of this medication

Mainly, there are present five chief ingredients of British Dragon Andropen 275 which turns beneficial for the bodybuilders as well as the athletes and they are:

  • 45mg of Testosterone Phenylpropionate
  • 20mg of Testosterone Acetate
  • 75mg of Testosterone Cypionate
  • 45mg of Testosterone Propionate
  • 90mg of Testosterone Decanoate

This exclusive mixture of esters plus constituents aids this medication bind to the cellular level excellently. Bodybuilders and other users who take this medication take this for a period of 10 weeks. They take this product combined with a strict diet and a proper workout routine. After this, they turn their attention to another testosterone product for a period of 6-10 weeks. This on/off schedule helps to extract the finest benefits from the substance without any probable side effects.

Recognizing the real product

British Dragon Andropen 275 is increasingly popular with countless bodybuilders and this company is regarded as the biggest underground laboratory in the whole world. However, determining whether this medication is really an authentic product from this company or not remains a challenging question for many users. A simple cover in purple or green color lets the users know that they have bought the real product. There are present many replica products in the market and their products habitually do contain similar ingredients but their products are lesser effective compared to the real medication.

Cycle results of this medication

This medication is highly known for its capability to improve not only growth of lean muscle mass but also viscosity fast. When it comes to the dosage levels and cycling options be aware that there are various esters present in this drug which stops it from flooding the users’ bloodstream with testosterone. Actually, this medication takes many hours to make the users feel its impact. The dosage recommendations of this medication vary from person to person. Most commonly, this medication is found in 10 and 20ml vials.

There are various dosing recommendations like:

  • According to some, dosing levels should range from 35mg-100mg per day.
  • Some find a dosage of 500mg-1000mg weekly as a perfect dosage.
  • Some suggest injecting this medication every alternate day.
  • Again, according to some, injecting this medication 2-3 times per week is perfect.

However, you are always advised to begin your cycle with the lowermost dosage and as this medication consists of a half-life of nearly a couple of aren’t needed to take this medication frequently even if you fail to notice its impacts immediately.