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Would you consider douching to be a harmful proposition?

Can you douche when pregnant? This is the question that would strike in the minds of many ladies. One thing is for sure it is harmful, but in spite of that you do come across a host of feminine advertisements in various sections of the print or visual media. In the case of pregnancy this works out to be all the more true. The vagina is the hub to various types of bacteria and when it is the case of a healthy vagina there is a balance that is achieved at this point of time. At some point of time you can find the overgrowth of some of the same as well. It could pave way for the emergence of bacterial vaginosis that is a condition which will go on to increase the complications of pregnancy in a big way.

In case of some women they do not experience any form of symptoms, but in certain cases you do go on to observe a thick discharge that is accompanied by a foul smell. When it is a combination of odour and a discharge the woman is of the feeling that they would need to get rid of it. In simple terms they would like to clean it. But what they do not take note is that when they douche this goes on to add to the problem as well. Do get in touch with your doctor if there are any symptoms and get it treated at the earliest. If you leave it untreated it could lead to a situation where a premature of your membranes might occur. The chances of preterm birth with low birth weight baby are also on the rise as well.

If you go on to douche once in a month, it does make it a lot difficult for you to become pregnant. If you plan to douche after intercourse it is not going to prevent you from becoming pregnant as well. You can be assured of the fact that douching could go on to increase the chances of an ectopic pregnancy. This would make it very difficult for you to conceive in the future. Do douche while pregnant is a strict no. If you douche during pregnancy it does go on to increase the chances of an early pregnancy.

In spite of the cloud of uncertainty surrounding the phenomenon, the next question that might come to your mind is how to clean your vagina. When you are going to take a bath clean the outside of the vagina with warm water. As far as the interiors is concerned, let it clean by the process of formation of mucus. Here the point that you cannot consider the vagina to be a garden smelling with flowers. Some amount of discharge is bound to occur. If it does happen to be thick in stature, you would need to consult your doctor. In addition if you notice any form of swelling or redness around the vagina then also consult a doctor.