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When And How To Use Melatonin Supplement?

If you are suffering from Melatonin deficiency, you need to take melatonin supplement to overcome the deficiency and the associated effects. But first, you have to detect that you are suffering from its low level. It has commonly been observed that people who have sleeping disorders like insomnia or those who are unable to sleep for long at night and feel that their sleep is not full, there are likely to be the ones who are suffering from Melatonin deficiency. You need to visit a physician and get the level tested. Once it is established that the level is low, you have two options. You can either have foods like eggs and meats can boost your Melatonin production or you can go for Melatonina supplements.

Opting For Melatonin Supplement

The foods you intake to boost the level of Melatonin may not work or work very slowly to understand the improvement. Instead, a sure shot way is having Melatonin supplement. It is advisable to have 5mg of Melatonin supplement every day to best the best result. But you can always consult a doctor to get the best dosage for you depending on the level of Melatonin already producing in your body. There are various forms of Melatonin supplements available like injections, sprays, and capsules. Capsules are found to be more effective and popular even though injections are equally effective but the pain it might cause prevents the patients from taking it daily.

Melatonin Capsules – As far as the doses available in the market, Melatonina tablets are sold in 3mg, 5mg, and 10mg pack. If you are going to take more than 10mg, you need to consult a doctor first. The reason is that anything above 5mg a day is going to make you prone to side effects associated. It is also not recommended to have the capsules more than two weeks in a row. Furthermore, children should not take it as Melatonin production in their bodies is generally normal.

Timing – Since you are going to take Melatonin for healing your sleeping disorder, it is better to have it before bedtime. But in the first few days, you should observe any reaction that occurs in your body. In that case, you need to stop its consumption unless and until the doctor asks you to continue. Under normal circumstances, you should take it continuously for a week and then give a few days gap before eating it again.