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The heat helps in reducing Arthritis joint pains

Most people suffer from Arthritis pain, and it is a problem that affects the joints. Many people are unable to do their regular works due to the horrible pain. There are many ways in which people try to get relief from joint pains. Gloves for arthritis are a very commonly used product around the world. But along with this people also try to apply heat to the arthritic joint, as it also gives a lot of relief to the people. Let us see some of the methods of applying heat to the joint pain areas. It is essential to understand which method will work for you.

Ways to apply heat to arthritic joints

  • One of the methods to apply heat is filing and rubber or plastic bottle with hot water. In this, the water will be warm for at least twenty to thirty minutes. You can rill the bottle at the affected joint area. It is the simplest way of applying heat to the arthritis joint. If having more pain in the hand then use the Copper therapy gloves, which will for sure give you immediate relief from the pain.
  • The next method of applying heat is through an electrical heating pad. The advantage of using the electrical heating pad is that it will have constant heat throughout the process of applying. But these pads either have to be charged to uses or need an electrical power connection.
  • You can also use the get and wraps pack which can be found in any of the medical stores. You can also order online, these are heated by putting them in a microwave oven or boiling water. They are generally war till thirty minutes after heating.

  • The other method is the usage of the patch, these are worn directly onto the skin and it gives low heat for a long period. Some patches also have pain relief ointment.
  • One can also try to make a dry rice pillow which also gives a lot of relief. To make this you need to take a cotton cloth, and put some white rice in it, and stitch it as a pillow. Then heat in microwave for some time and can be used as heating mean.
  • The next one can also try taking a hot bath for a long period. Which will make the body relax and by relaxing the pain will reduce.
  • If you have pain in the back or hip. Then you can also use the car seat warmer, which is also an easy way to apply heat.
  • The last method is the paraffin wax treatment. In this, the person who is suffering from pain in hand and legs can place their feet or hand in the melted paraffin wax which gives warmth to the fingers and wrest. 


Hope this information will help to get some relief from your pain.