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Learn more about toilet risers

Learn more about toilet risers

Toilet seat risers are a great way to ensure the safety of a patient or elderly when using the toilet on their own, especially patients with some form of strength loss in their lower bodies. You can choose from toilet risers that can be placed on top of the toilet seat or placed between the seat and toilet bowl.

Using the toilet can be hard for people who have severe joint pains or have undergone some sort of surgery. In these cases, toilet seat riser comes in handy. They ensure that a patient doesn’t have to bend a lot and thus remove a lot of discomforts.

Toilet seat risers can be a great way for the elderly to support themselves in the bathroom. Many toilet seat risers come with handles that provide extra support. In addition, cushioned handles can provide better grips too Seat risers, prevent the incidence of falls and slips because they provide more stability to patients.

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How do I buy a raised toilet seat?

You can use the following guide to buy a raised toilet seat that meets your needs.

1- Features

Look for the features that you really require. You might need armrests or you might prefer front cuts or back cuts or more comfortable seats. So, determine the features you would want in your seat before buying one.

2- Consult your doctor

A doctor can give you great advice on which raised toilet seat is best for you. Since the doctor knows your exact needs, he will be able to tell you which seat will provide you the greatest ease of sitting down or standing up.

3- Comfort level

Depending on the amount of comfort you desire buy a raised toilet seat. If you are looking for greater comfort, you can buy costlier seats.

4- Price

Price plays an important factor but always keep yourself first. You can select a price range and then look for appropriate features of toilet seat riser within that price range.

5- Portability

If there are many people in your house, it is best to have portable raised toilet seats instead of screwed on ones. Since portable types can be removed and put back on, everyone can use the same toilet without any inconvenience.

6- Reviews

It is always a good idea to read reviews on the various types of toilet risers. This will give you a good idea about the product you are looking to purchase as well as other people’s views on them.