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Ketone Supplements: You Guide To Have A Healthy Ketogenic Lifestyle

Ketone supplements are used for breaking down the fat when the intake of carbohydrates is low. When the levels of glycogen are worn-out, ketones work as an alternative source of nourishment. In order to know the various types of ketone supplements, it is important to know about exogenous ketones. You should also know why it must be taken. By knowing about best exogenous ketones supplement, you will be able to knowfor maintaining a healthy life and know their role in achieving weight loss. We get glucose by taking carbohydrates from various sources including fruits and starchy vegetables. In the absence of glucose or low-carb diet, the body uses the stored fats and turns them into glucose. As a result, ketones are formed. Ketosis is basically used for weight loss and is generally known as a ketogenic diet.

Advantages of Ketogenic Diet –

When a person is in ketosis, it becomes important to take ketone supplements to deliver the body on what it needs. When you are in a fasted state, then this will be of vast importance. It will also be beneficial if you are an athlete as well as if you happen to be a normal person whose intake of proteins or carbohydrates is higher.Taking a diet with lots of proteins are not allowed when on a ketogenic diet. There are many benefits of having exogenous ketones supplement. It not just promotes weight loss but also regulates the glucose in the blood. It also reduces hunger and reduces the chances of getting any diseases. Further, this supplement can boost your mental focus and improves your intellectual performance. There will also be fewer chances of inflammation.

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Types of Ketone Supplements

Ketone supplements are also known as exogenous ketones and they are made outside the body. They are created in the form of supplement. The body is known to produce three different types of ketones known as acetone, acetoacetate, and BHB (beta-hydroxybutyrate). Exogenous ketones basically comprise of BHB as the body is able to use it efficiently.

So what are the different types of ketone supplements?

  • Ketone Salt:They are known as Ketone Mineral Salts or BHB Mineral Salts and used to improve absorption rate. Typically, they are magnesium, potassium, calcium or sodium.
  • Ketone Ester: You get the raw BHB ketone without taking any salts. They are not that popular but are quick in raising the levels of ketones in the body.
  • Ketone Oil: One can also use ketone oils, although it is slower than ketone salt or ketone ester. As it is in the form of oil, you can add more calories.
  • Other sources: There are many sources to have ketones in them, but they might not have. So one should be careful in choosing Examples of other sources include raspberry ketone.