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Clenbuterol is a powerful thermogenic compound

Clenbuterol, commonly referred to as Clen is not considered an anabolic steroid but is a drug that enhances metabolism and promotes fat burning. This drug is a beta-2-agonist and was originally marketed as a powerful bronchodilator to treat breathing disorders such as asthma. Later on, it was found to be highly effective in the promotion of weight loss and muscle growth. It is a powerful stimulant and is also thermogenic in nature. The thermogenic nature increases the body temperature that permits an individual to burn calories at a faster rate. Though this compound has strong fat loss properties yet to get its benefits one has to strictly follow a diet and exercise.

Improved muscle tone and reduced body fat are some of the bodybuilding results of this drug. Many athletes believe that this stimulant should be used primarily in the cutting cycle for fat loss. Very rarely, it is used in a bulking phase to hinder weight gain as the calorie consumption is usually higher than the normal. The cycles of this drug can be used alone or can be combined with other steroids. This medication is often incorporated in the post cycle therapy and often used as two days on and two days off cycle for 3 weeks. Thereafter, it is discontinued for a similar number of weeks.

Clenbutrol is the safe and legal alternative

Clenbutrol is the harmless and permissible alternative to this popular steroid. It is extremely effective in cutting cycle as it promotes fat loss. Like Clen, this legal alternative is an effective drug but it is without the side effects. The ingredients of this drug are man-made naturals. The chief ingredients are Garcinia Cambogia Extract, Citrus Aurantium and Guarana Extract. Garcinia Cambogia is actually a fruit that contains an acid known as hydroxycitric acid. This acid has multiple benefits,like; it reduces appetite and prevents the body from fat creation. It blocks the carbohydrates to store fat and directs them to be used as energy.

Citrus Aurantium is the ingredient that burns all the accumulated fat. It contains the compound, synephrine that enhances thermogenesis and metabolism. Further, it can reduce food intake by suppressing the appetite. Guarana Extract enhances the energy levels and promotes fat burning. It also boosts the metabolism which increases the energy levels. These three natural ingredients when used in combination produce the ultimate fat burning. Additionally, the energy levels and the metabolism get increased with the use of this compound. Therefore, it can be concluded that this alternative has all the fat loss properties of the popular steroid minus the harmful side effects.

Stacking this medication

Clen stacks well with Anavar, Winstrol and Trenbolone. Winstrol stack alongwith this compound reduces body fat and promotes strength. Winstrol can be taken in both the oral and the injectable forms and it is effective at low dosages too. Anavar and Clen stack is used by the bodybuilders in their cutting cycles to get maximum benefit from the workouts. Female users get maximum benefit from this stack. The results from these popular stacks are simply great. It is important not to expect huge bodybuilding results from this popular drug alone. Together with its use, exercise and a healthy diet is a must for long-lasting outcomes.