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An Awful Pain Called Toothache

When you have an unbearable toothache, you consider doing anything to help you get rid of this awful pain. Once getting a toothache, most people try to apply some home remedies to reduce the pain. Obviously, the best you can do is referring to an emergency dentist. They can diagnose what kind of toothache that is and what treatment is needed. According to an experienced dentist at an emergency dental office, some toothaches may be caused by temporary stimulation of the gums. But serious toothache needs to be treated by an emergency dentist to relieve the pain and any problems it causes.

Why Do We Experience a Toothache?

As mentioned above, a toothache can be minor. This kind may not be considered a serious one. It may just reflect a gum irritation (there may be food particles stuck between your teeth) which will usually go away after a while. But sometimes, toothache indicates a severe dental problem. When your tooth is damaged, the first sign alarming this problem is getting a toothache. There may be an infection (dental infection or inflammation is called pulpitis), tooth decay, abscess teeth, tooth fracture, or cavities (cavities or cracks in the teeth cause air and germs inside the teeth irritate and contaminate the sensitive pulp nerves) behind a toothache. Besides, repetitive movements, such as chewing gum or gnashing teeth, or grinding teeth, can wear down your teeth and lead to a sudden terrible toothache. Eruption (protrusion of a tooth from the gums) or removal of a tooth (for example, a wisdom tooth) can be named other toothache causes. All these mentioned dental problems should be diagnosed by an emergency dentist. Emergency dental clinics are equipped with special technologies to help emergency dentists assess the issue carefully and get a comprehensive view of it. So, they know which treatment is the better choice for the patient. If you program to have regular checkups with your dentist, emergency dental cases will rarely occur. Do not put off your dental checkups since a hidden dental problem develops into a more complicated case.

Natural Remedies

If you have a dreadful and chronic toothache, you should run to an emergency dental clinic. There is no choice. But if the pain is mild and you can tolerate it until having an appointment with your dentist, there are some natural remedies to help you reduce the pain.

The first traditional suggested remedy by old people is adding a clove oil drop on a cotton ball and then applying it to the sore spot. Clove oil is a natural disinfectant that numbs pain and reduces inflammation.

Vanilla extract is another home remedy. There is alcohol and antioxidants in the vanilla extract, which temporarily numbs the pain and helps to heal the area. You can apply the extract to your teeth and gums several times a day.

Garlic is also believed as a strong home remedy for relieving toothache since garlic can kill bacteria. Make a paste from a clove of chopped garlic, then apply it to the affected area.