Thoughts about soft tissue regeneration that will turn your world upside down

Often we tend to avoid the oral health over physical health. What we intensively believe that brushing twice a day fallowing dental floss and using a good mouth wash will be enough to keep the oral health intact. But there are so many possibilities in terms of oral health and hygiene that are unknown by an average human being. Such as like soft tissue regeneration. Sounds new to you? Well then stick to this artefact. It’s a very common issue which we tend to overlook every now and then. Hence click this to know more.

Brief thoughts on soft tissue

There are various reasons in regards to the loss of soft tissues surrounding the teeth. While the treatment of recreating soft tissue will initially involve scrapping out soft tissues from the wall or roof of the mouth or gum and then harvest it to augment the soft tissue defect in another location in the oral cavity. There might be some unwanted side effects related to the regeneration of soft tissues which can ranging from mild headache, pain or complications of convalesce the harvest site.


New technology new hope

However new technology has been invented with which the regeneration of soft tissue has become easier than ever. With the help of new technology now regeneration of soft tissue can be done without harvesting the tissue from the roof of the mouth. This substitution has some advantages too which are as follows.

  • Restoration of the natural appearance of the gum tissue.
  • Can help to eliminate the sensitivity issues around the tooth areas.
  • Beautification or to enhance the overall esthetics.
  • Obviously this process is going to reduce pain.
  • Economical.
  • Promote better quality of life.
  • Support as well as maintenance of better quality of teeth.

Important note: If you are suffering from any dental or gum infection or other oral health issues, you need to discuss it accordingly with your dentist. First the professional will be treating you for the infection issues and then accordingly will advise you on the appropriate treatment for your situation. Hence click this to know more


  • No donor site requirements mean less morbidity as well as less surgical chair time.
  • Natural texture as well as the color of the surrounding native tissue when increasing Keratinized tissue.
  • Some tools requited (strictly medical terms)
  • The standard materials needed for soft tissue generation are as follows:
  • Autogenous free gingival grafts.
  • Connective tissue grafts.
  • As well as some other tissue products which can be ordered from pharma institution.

Above all you have to contact your dentist and let him/ her know your problems. According the doctor will act upon your issue. Never refer to the problem of some other patient or virtually acquired knowledge which might be dangerous as well as life threatening.