Necessary Information about Dental Emergencies

Dental Emergencies

Dental emergency problems may occur at any time. Different people may face these issues when cycling, walking or even playing with children on the playground. Fortunately, it is now possible for people to use emergency dental services. These services are provided 24 hours a day by fully experienced and specialized people connected to all emergency dental care. In this way, not only does the patient’s toothache disappear but in addition, the treatment is completed in such a way that the patient thinks that nothing has happened to him. As a result, different people can use these services to resume their normal activities after a few hours. However, people can do some practical actions to save their teeth or reduce the pain until getting to the emergency dental clinic. In this article, we asked a professional at emergency dentistry in North Vancouver to help us know what to do in various emergency dental issues.

 There Is a Toothache 

Some people feel pain in their teeth when eating hot or cold foods. In order to be able to soothe these pains, it is better to rinse your teeth with lukewarm water, and if you feel that the food is stuck between your teeth, floss it with the help of your teeth. For further examination, see a specialist as soon as possible.

But in some cases, the severity of the toothache is so great that it will not go away with simple solutions. In this case, if you see swelling in your teeth in addition to toothache, you can use a cold water bag to get rid of some swelling in your mouth, but try to see a dentist quickly.

Generally speaking, if the tooth pain is not too bothering and can be controlled with suggested home remedies, it can be said that they are not considered emergency dental pain. You can apply a clove of smashed garlic to your painful teeth to reduce the pain. Clove oil is also another helpful remedy.

Dental Emergencies

There Are Deep Wounds in the Mouth 

In some situations, such as: biting the cheek while eating, brushing badly, eating hot drinks, etc., parts of the mouth become scratched and sore. You can use a mouthwash solution to heal these wounds as soon as possible. But in case the wound is too severe and cannot be controlled at home, do not doubt that you should run to the emergency dental clinic.

There Is a Tooth Fracture

Anyone may face a chip or a fracture in their tooth due to various reasons such as an accident, severe hit, an ignored and not treated dental issue that has weakened your tooth enamel, or eating something too hard. A small chip does not need an emergency dental visit. If there is bleeding, You can also bite a special gauze pad to control the bleeding. But if it is severe and painful, you should run to the nearest emergency dental clinic as soon as possible.

There Is a Knocked-Out Tooth

 Many of us may encounter loss of our teeth in an accident. It is better to rinse the extracted tooth with milk at this time. Try not to touch the root of the extracted tooth, and if you see signs of bleeding at the root of the tooth, you can only put sterile gauze on the desired area to stop the bleeding. The sooner you can get to the dentist (less than half an hour), the more likely your teeth will heal.