Do You Get Excited with Your Baby’s First Teeth?

Human being has two kinds of the tooth: Baby tooth and Permanent tooth. Baby teeth are twenty. Usually, when the baby is six months, the first baby teeth will erupt. And this process will continue until s/he is three years. All of the parents get surprised observing their baby’s first teeth. The first teeth observed in their baby’s mouth are always the lower front ones. But as you know, these are not your baby’s permanent teeth. They are going to have a new set of teeth after a while replaced with these ones. So, most people believe since these teeth are called temporary, it is not essential to care about them. But, it is absolutely wrong. At anĀ Emergency Dental Clinic in Toronto, a professional dentist explains the importance of baby teeth. He states that first teeth, which are called temporary ones, play a unique and fundamental role in your baby’s growth.

Since a baby’s jaw is small, an adult’s teeth cannot grow in it. In other words, just baby teeth can fit in a baby’s mouth. Babies grow with their teeth in a way that, as their teeth grow, they gradually learn how to eat and pronounce the words. When they are learned enough to eat, chew and talk using their teeth, their jaw gets bigger, and then there will be enough space to have permanent teeth.

Why Are Baby Teeth Important?

As you know and we mentioned above, baby teeth will be replaced. But let’s see what if we do not care about our baby’s first teeth and do not teach them how to care about them. Decay is the first enemy of your beloved oral health. When you do not teach your baby to brush his/ her teeth, food particles are stuck between their teeth. These food particles will lead to bacteria accumulation in their mouth. And finally, you will observe dark spots in your beloved teeth. You may still believe that it is ok since they are not permanent ones. But you’re mistaken again. When you ignore your children’s oral health, it links to future dental pain for them. Gradually this dental problem develops, and your beloved child will lose his/her tooth (teeth).

In other words, there is a direct link between baby teeth and permanent teeth. A baby tooth is precisely like a place to hold an adult tooth. When you ignore your baby’s first teeth, the teeth may be destroyed or removed. As a result, there will be no space for an adult tooth. This is when people wonder why their children’s permanent teeth become crowded. Besides, there will sometimes be a delay in the growth of adult teeth beneath the affected area.

What to Do?

The best way to stop the mentioned problems is firstly, teach your child to care about his/her oral hygiene and brush his/ her teeth. Then start having regular visits with a pediatrician. The best time to start visiting the dentist is when the bay’s first teeth begin to grow. When you go to the dental clinic for your baby’s first teeth, you guarantee the health and beauty of his/her permanent teeth. Try to make a friendly relationship with your baby and his/her dentist. Encourage your baby to go to the dental clinic by buying some small gifts. Convince him/her that it is not a scary process at all, and there is no pain.