Dental Implant And Dentures, Which One Is The Most, Appropriate Choice For You?

Dental Implant

Professional dental experts always recommend that people replace their missing teeth the moment they fall out; otherwise, they will lead to different severe issues that can threaten your oral health in the future. As everyone knows, our teeth play important roles in helping us break down foods and even pronounce a certain word. Besides, our teeth’ roots are responsible for keeping our jawbone tissue stable and healthy. Some adverse effects will gradually occur when people lose only one permanent tooth. As a professional dental specialist applying dental implants in Toronto, one of the most fundamental changes refers to the movement of adjacent teeth toward filling the empty space caused by missing teeth. Luckily, cosmetic dentistry is enriched with several trusted methods that can solve your issues in the blink of an eye. Dental implants and dentures are two important types of missing teeth replacements that are commonly requested all over the world. Please keep reading this article to determine which one is the right choice to help you achieve what you deserve.

Dental implants

Unlike all other traditional types of restorative methods that replace the visible part of missing teeth, dental implants are the most successful method to replace both the roots and the crowns. That’s why dental implants are a more practical method to prevent the resorption process.

Those patients who are unwilling to experience signs of premature aging are highly recommended to replace their missing teeth with dental implants because this practical method has the potential to strengthen their jawbones and protect their facial structures.

Dental Implant

With the help of this successful procedure, you’re experienced and dedicated dentists will ensure you provide the most natural functionality and help you comfortably do your daily tasks like eating your favorite food and pronouncing certain words with no complication.

High durability is the most valuable benefit of replacing missing teeth with dental implants. You enjoy having them for more than 20 years by properly taking care of your implanted teeth.


The most traditional restorative method to replace missing teeth is dentures. Nowadays, modern types of dentures have the potential to create beautiful results. No matter how much bone is present in your mouth, dentures can be properly fitted individual’s mouth. As the first step. Your dedicated dentists will take an impression from your teeth and gums and send it to the lab to prepare unique dentures that properly meet your needs. During your final appointments, your dentures will be accurately placed in your mouth, and your dentists will provide you with useful recommendations to take care of them effectively.

The most important point that should be noted is that dentures shouldn’t be worn during the night, and you are recommended to soak them in water. Also, they should be taken out of your mouth to ensure they are professionally cleaned.

Unlike long-lasting dental implants, dentures should be replaced from time to time because your bite changes over time.

However, replacing missing teeth with dental implants is longer than replacing them with dentures; their final results are more desirable.