Dental Clinic for The Process of Wisdom Tooth Extraction Singapore

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to erupt and are also called third molars. They come in the teens or early twenties but also erupt in late adulthood. If the eruption is smooth, it can prove to be an asset for you. However, the problem starts if they are misaligned or don’t erupt completely. It can cause damage to your gums and adjacent teeth also. In such instances, you need a wisdom tooth extraction singapore to get rid of the searing pain in your mouth.

When does extraction become important?

The extraction of a wisdom tooth is vital for many reasons. In several cases, wisdom teeth might be impacted, which means thepartial eruption of the tooth from the gums. The misalignment of wisdom teeth also makes it difficult to floss and brush your teeth properly. It puts you in danger of tooth decay and various gum diseases. There are two sets of wisdom teeth one in the upper and one in the lower jaw.

It is not necessary to get your wisdom tooth extracted in every case. But, if you are facing any of the following conditions, it becomes vital.

  • Crowding– It means that the wisdom tooth harms the adjacent teeth due to eruption at a wrong angle.
  • Jaw damage– Wisdom teeth can damage the structure of your jaw by doing nerve damage.
  • Sinus issue–Sinus pain and congestion are also a result of an eruption of a wisdom tooth improperly.
  • Gaps and gum problems–The gums might get swollen and prone to decay if the eruption is not smooth.

wisdom tooth extraction singapore

Symptoms you need your wisdom tooth extracted

You might wonderhow you can know that you require wisdom tooth extraction Singapore. Well, here are some signs you can look out for:

  • Persistent and increasing pain around the molars.
  • Redness, tenderness, and swelling that might cause infection.
  • Pain in the jaw and stiffness.
  • Foul breath

Choosing a dental clinic for extraction

Now that you know whether you need wisdom tooth extraction surgery or not, it is time to look for the right dental clinic. Family Dental Care provides you with safe and pain-free surgery. The extraction procedure can be a daunting one for many but the experienced and well-qualified dentists at Family Dental Care ensure that your surgery is as comfortable and safe as much possible. Also, you do not have to worry about the costs as it is affordable that fits your budget.

Don’t let the tooth pain get worse and consult a dentist at FDC today only.