Cosmetic Dentistry; the Combination of Art and Science

Cosmetic dentists are the artist that helps you to smile confidently and increase oral health at the same time. Cosmetic dentists meet patients’ need for whiter, more aligned, and healthier teeth. Dental cosmetic services can be done for you, whether an 18 years old girl or an eighty-year-old man. Sometimes you look in the mirror and see your teeth discolored and crooked. Based on your issue and budget, the cosmetic dentist helps you to make the best decisions possible to restore your worn-out tooth.

Things You Should Consider When You Want to See a Cosmetic Dentist

Teeth are crucial parts of your face, and before making any decision for each dental cosmetic service, you should know whether it will have a positive effect and is suited for your smile or not. As a professional cosmetic dentist in North York explains, too large or too small teeth will give a wired ugly appearance to your smile. White teeth or teeth that have no harmony with other teeth have a fake appearance. Periodontal disease should be treated before any cosmetic dental service; in the end, you want to have a perfect smile since you are spending a high price and allocating a lot of time for it.

Dental Veneer as a Cosmetic Dental Service

Cosmetic dentists use dental veneer to give your teeth a new and fresh appearance, especially the front teeth. The dental veneer procedure is painless, and the result will surprise you. Dental veneers are artificial shells that cover various dental flaws; they also reshape your broken and crooked teeth or fill the distance among the gapped teeth. Dental veneers are produced in different types and colors and are the most prominent method for teeth whitening. To insert the dental veneers, the dentist must file down a thin layer of your natural teeth. In the following paragraphs, we will discuss some cosmetic dental services and the recent advancement of cosmetic dentistry.

What Are Inlay and Onlay, and How Are They Different?

Inlay is designed to feel the missing surface parts of your teeth. Onlays have similar shapes and functions as inlays, while onlay is more extensive and covers your tooth’s entire surface. Many know onlays as partial crowns. The inlay can be made of metal, gold, and porcelain. Inlay and onlay will significantly protect your teeth from further decay and damage.

The Advance of Cosmetic Dentistry

In the past, dentists still needed the facilities and materials available today. If someone lost the natural prominent teeth, there was no replacement for the missing tooth. Dentists use amalgam and gold to fill the tooth decay, which does not offer a pleasant and natural look. Today we have dental implant technology. So you can have new teeth with the appearance and function of natural teeth. Dentists fill the decayed tooth with a porcelain filling, which has desirable harmony with the color of your teeth and solves many worries related to dental issues. Cosmetic dentistry aims to maximize the tooth’s appearance as function and comfort.